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Barnes and Mullins

Gravity® presents Multi Keyboard Stand for musicians and producers

Gravity is pleased to present its Multi Keyboard Stand, an instrument and equipment stand with four levels for flexible and the visually clean placement of keyboards, synthesizers, workstations, groove boxes, effects, mixers and more – live and in the studio. The freely adjustable Multi Keyboard Stand is made of lightweight and robust aluminium and allows each shelf to be adjusted to position instruments or equipment comfortably and securely in the desired place – the perfect solution for all musicians and producers who want to optimise their setup and keep their equipment organised and easily accessible.

The Multi Keyboard Stand offers everything musicians expect from a reliable and versatile keyboard stand: each level is freely adjustable via large rotary controls – both in height and in terms of the distance between the two supports on which the instrument or equipment is placed. In addition, the angle of inclination can be adjusted as desired to ensure ideal playing or operating comfort on each level.

For precise adjustment, the black aluminium tubes can be provided with centimetre and millimetre measurements using the enclosed self-adhesive measuring tapes. Maximum safety is also ensured by the double anti-tilt protection (2.5 mm or 4 mm) to keep the units stably in position. Furthermore, the integrated cable guide enables the clean and safe routing of mains and signal cables behind the instruments.

The Gravity Multi Keyboard Stand is available now.

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