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Barnes & Mullins welcome award-winning Trevor James Signature Custom Saxophones

Barnes & Mullins are pleased to introduce Trevor James ‘Signature Custom’ Professional Saxophones to their catalogue. The award-winning Signature Custom saxophones have been developed following an extensive programme of research, refinement, and testing in consultation with leading professional saxophone players around the world.

Built in the Trevor James pro-sax workshop in Lenham, UK, Signature Custom alto and tenor saxophones are available in four finishes and include superior refinements designed specifically for professional saxophonists. The four finishes include the popular ‘RAW’ and ‘RAW XS’ alongside the phosphor bronze, and gold lacquer finishes. With Trevor James Signature Custom RAW models, saxophonists can expect a broad spectrum of tonal variation and unrivalled sound flexibility.

As their name suggests, Trevor James Signature Custom RAW saxophones are free of the standard lacquer or plating usually applied to modern day horns, leaving them in their raw, naked state for a beautifully vintage appearance with a natural, uninhibited sound.

The RAW XS saxophone is a remarkable variant that begins its journey as a ‘RAW’ model and then undergoes an additional level of meticulous hand buffing to both the body and mechanism. Over time, the initial shine gradually gives way to a wonderfully realistic aged appearance. This aesthetic evolution adds authenticity and character, capturing the essence of instruments from a bygone era.

“…On the specs alone, it’s an impressive horn. The build quality, the setup and the whole package adds up to a very credible pro-quality instrument – and when you factor in the feel, the tone and the response, I think it’s fair to say that the RAW XS raises the standard for the 21st century alto.” Stephen Howard Author of the Haynes Saxophone Manual.

The Signature Custom ‘RAW’ XS tenor is built with an uncompromising focus on excellence and detail, and offers amazing quality at a very reasonable price. I love being on the road with this horn!” Andy Snitzer

With a retail price range of £2235.00 – £3775.00, the Trevor James Signature Custom Saxophone Series is exclusively available in the UK from Barnes & Mullins alongside the complete range of Trevor James saxophones, flutes and other woodwind instruments –

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