BMAT Offers 30 talent Scholarships to Aspiring Music Biz Innovation Leaders

BMAT Offers 30 talent Scholarships to Aspiring Music Biz Innovation Leaders

BMAT Music Innovators are partnering with IMB International Music Business School to call forward aspiring young professionals to work on real challenges and help better the music sector through innovation.

Having been in close collaboration with IMB International Music Business School since 2018, global music technology leaders BMAT Music Innovators are now offering 30 talent scholarships of €3000 each for the academic year of 2021-22. The scholarships are open to both students and professionals taking part in IMB School’s Challenges Module. 

The aptly named “BMAT x Innovation” talent scholarships provide a unique training opportunity. The students themselves will play an active role in thinking up and executing valuable, innovative solutions for global music companies such as YouTube Music, Sony Music, Warner Chappell, Primavera Sound, BMAT themselves, plus more to be confirmed. 

The selected participants for the module will face 7 different “challenges” over the academic year. From global business strategy to technology innovation and community management, these challenges will span across diverse fields – all of which will empower the companies at hand to better the world of music. 

David Loscos, Director of IMB School explains “We created the Challenges Module alongside major global players so we could place students in a position where, for the first time, they could be the source of inspiring and valuable solutions for the whole music sector.” 

These “challenges” are open-outcome, widening the space for value creation as students work on solution proposals. The aim is to attract and train the best talent out there so they can learn to lead an expanding music business. A music business that requires a fresh generation of innovation-driven managers with a global vision. 

The call for these 30 scholarships is divided into 2 rounds. The application deadline for the 1st round is the 22nd of August 2021 and is aimed at Master’s students. The 2nd round, with an application deadline of the 10th of October 2021, at Postgraduate students. 

Find out more about the scholarships and apply now to make your mark on the music sector.

About IMB International Music Business School
IMB School is the first business school exclusively dedicated to the training of music sector professionals. As the result of over 15 years of teaching experience, our training programme is designed by and for the music business. IMB School courses offer comprehensive learning aimed at developing both theoretical and practical knowledge. This is crucial for all our students since it is the interaction of both theory and practice which brings unique IMB School value to fuel their professional careers. Moreover, thanks to our key relationships with music business professionals and organisations, networking is a vital element and a huge asset of IMB School.

About BMAT Music Innovators
BMAT is a music innovation company with a mission to index all music usage and ownership data. We help all different companies in the music industry better their data operations to make sure artists get paid for their plays. Every day we deliver 27 billion matches and 80 million identifications to CMOs, publishers, record labels, broadcasters and DSPs globally. 

Driven by machine learning and copyright expertise, BMAT’s Music Operating System pumps neutral data and authoritative knowledge to everyone along the chain. Everyone who makes or uses music can plug in to ease operations, increase earnings, and get in sync with everyone else.