Kat Percussion Introduce Two New e-Kits


Continuing the revamp of its legacy electronic drum line, KAT Percussion has introduced two new models: a new entry level model, the KT-100 and a much-anticipated follow up to its KT-200 electronic drum kit, the new KT-300.


While sporting a highly competitive price at $329.99, the KT-100 doesn’t sacrifice on features just to make the price tag friendly. In particular, it comes with a kick tower and a rack, while being portable yet adjustable, that stands up with the best of them. The KT-100 comes standard with one 2-zone snare and three single-zone toms that feature high-quality pads, and support fundamental acoustic playing technique with a perfect response. The snare’s 8″ surface is big enough that it won’t make you feel like you’re playing on a cocktail kit. The cymbals include a single zone hi-hat, a crash and ride, which are dual zone, all of which come standard with choke. The drum module or brain offers drum sampling that covers most music styles such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic and more, and features 20 factory kits with 160 unique sounds in total. Moreover, its user-friendly coach and recording function helps players keep track of their progress and helps improve their skills step by step.

The KT-300, with a $999.99 retail price, keeps the exciting look of their popular KT-200 model but adds a significant amount of new features and REMO® mesh heads. KAT Percussion has collaborated with REMO, the world-renowned drumhead brand, to equip the KT-300 with REMO mesh heads. The sensitivity of the pads combined with the REMO mesh heads create a very large velocity curve for the hardest player or the softest touch. Enhanced by the latest Dual-Triggering technology, with zones at the head and at the rim, the KT-300’s 10″ KT-30010S snare and the 8″ KT-3008T toms provide accurate triggering and a large strike area. The tone changes depending on where and how hard players strike, ensuring the most realistic playing feel. This technology combines with the mesh heads to give the player an authentic acoustic feel. The KT-300 ships with 30 sets of preset kits, as well as 18 sets of user kits, with 270 unique sounds in total for maximum creativity. One of the more impressive features of the KT-300 is the “Coach Function” which allows you to select from four different practice methods, perfect for players eager to improve their craft.

“The release of these two new models really rounds out the KAT Percussion line,” said Dave Cywinski, Sales Manager for Drums and Percussion at Hal Leonard. “We now have kits available for all types and levels of drummers at all types of price points … with even more features and sounds for growing drummers, but also keeping the costs to a point where they’re the best kits in their price range!”