Carlsboro Present New Junior E-Drum Kit

Carlsboro Present New Junior E-Drum Kit

Pitching for the most junior end of the rhythm market the Carlsbro ROCK50 is designed and styled for aspiring John Bonhams as young as five. An electronic kit that is price comparable with acoustic ‘starter kits’, the Carlsbro ROCK50 is designed to go easy on Christmas expenditure, as well as on the neighbours’ ears.

The three-piece kit comprising 7-inch single zone snare and tom pads, an 8-inch cymbal and a realistic kick drum pedal, is mounted on a sturdy, height adjustable tripod stand. Age appropriate styling includes the sound module with its PUMP IT UP, PLAY ALONG and STAY IN TIME control buttons, alongside the more usual SETUP/save, PAGE and RECORD options. On the practical side of things, the comprehensive sound module provides a choice of 108 drum voices, from which 10 preset drum kits are compiled, and two others can be put together and stored in user memories. For practice to make perfect, the module can record and playback performances, play a metronome and store up to 10 ‘demo songs’ to play along to. The headphone output provides for ‘silent’ performance, while a ‘line’ output provides the option of connecting to an amp or PA to practice or perform along with other players. A MIDI output sends triggers to computer based tutorial software or sequencer recording, while an Aux-in socket enables practicing and playing along to songs played from mobile devices and music players.

Exclusively available via Electromarket® in the UK, the ROCK50 is being offered standalone or in price competitive bundles, including with sticks, headphones and drum stools. Around the rest of the world it is available from regional and local distribution partners and resellers.

Studiomaster / Carlsbro General Manager Patrick Almond says, “Electronic drum kits have become a very successful product sector for Carlsbro in just a few short years. We now offer an extensive range of highly competitive quality models, and the new junior kit is straight out of the same playbook, offering a starter kit for even the youngest aspiring player for an equivalent cost of the lowest entry acoustic product. We have launched it with a big focus on the Christmas market, but we have great hopes for the ROCK50 beyond the festive season, in becoming a really popular route to bigger percussive things.”

About Carlsbro

Carlsbro is a legendary British MI brand that pre-dates even Marshall Amplification, for whom it OEM’d several products in the early 1960s. The company built its reputation on a long succession of musical instrument electronics, including famous guitar amplifier lines like the Stingray and Top 50, and introducing some of the earliest affordable PA products. Today the company still offers a wide range of guitar, bass and acoustic instrument amplifiers, but has also established itself as a leading manufacturer of affordable digital performance products and in particular electronic percussion.

The company was amalgamated with Studiomaster – a similarly iconic British audio brand – in 2009, under the common management of SCC Audio Ltd.. Both companies are headquartered together in Milton Keynes in the UK.

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