New Tanglewood Drop Shipping Service

New Tanglewood Drop Shipping Service
With the new Lockdown 2 rules coming into effect in England on Thurs 5th November expected to last at least a month, Tanglewood are once again adopting a plan to best serve the retail community whilst stores are closed, as they did previously with the “Tanglewood Direct to Door” service.
Tanglewood Statement
“The complication this time at the time of reintroducing “Tanglewood Direct to Door”, is that the UK does not have a singular plan for all territories.
This may change over the coming days, but rather than try and second guess what the next step will be, we will NOT at this time make our website into an e-commerce sales platform for the retailers as before”, states Tanglewood.
“We can quickly instate the platform should we have a definitive and singular UK lockdown in the coming days, but for now, to support all dealers, whether open or closed, we will offer a new DROP SHIPPING service direct to your consumer”.
“Our website will remain information only for the moment, but will be upgraded to show what goods are currently out of stock”.
“From the website inventory info dealers will be able to select in stock instruments to offer to your local customers, via your website, Facebook etc, and we will ship them on your behalf, upon your instruction”.
“Dealers are required to administer and verify payment and Tanglewood will ship to your customer directly or to store”.
“Should all UK stores end up having to temporarily close, Tanglewood will then upgrade the service to the full Direct to Door platform again, where consumers can pay you directly through the Tanglewood website and we would then ship directly, crediting your account with the sale profits, as before”.