T&D Design Labs Launch The XK1000

T&D Design Labs Launch The XK1000

T&D Design Labs is delighted to introduce the XK1000, the most dynamic and accurate tactile transducer available now. Designed and developed by Tim Porter and Dil Davies, of Porter & Davies fame, the new transducer is born from years of sound engineering and live performance experience combined with a deep understanding of tactile monitoring systems.

Tim Porter and Dil Davies are the inventors of the world famous, award winning, patented Porter & Davies range of silent tactile monitoring systems for professional musicians. Over the last ten years, the BC2 and its siblings have established a rock solid reputation for reliability. Today, the growing number of bands and artists that use Porter & Davies equipment on a daily basis include The Who, Robbie Williams, Adele, Bruno Mars and Jay-Z where playing live at the biggest stadiums and festivals in the world requires road tested reliability and performance.

Taking all their Porter & Davies experience and completely reinventing the concept of bone conduction, T&D Design Labs has created a unique, revolutionary new type of tactile transducer. The XK1000 is more responsive, dynamic and powerful than its closest competitors. It is also faster with zero time lag as well as being extremely articulate at both high and low levels of power. The XK1000 can be quickly and easily mounted to many surfaces making it highly versatile, very agile and offering users unlimited applications.

This easy to install, incredible tough transducer can be used to provide life-like, immersive experiences in a wide range of applications such as home cinema, cinema and computer gaming as well as a revolutionary approach to therapeutic and medical practitioners. An XK1000 fitted to a cinema or gaming chair thrusts viewers and gamers into the actions: Feel, see and hear every exciting impact and sonic texture with very low external volume. Fitted to a treatment bed or chair, massage therapists, physiotherapists, sports injury specialists can offer clients deeper more relaxing treatments. In addition, occupational therapists working with the hearing impaired can provide a totally different learning experience where sound can be transmitted internally via bone conduction with incredible accuracy and without any time lag.

Together, Tim Porter and Dil Davies have changed the way world class musicians hear and feel the music they play. With T&D Design Labs and the XK1000 they are now set to offer this sensational experience to a much wider audience.