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DiMarzio heads back to the future with new ‘vintage’ P90s

US pickup maker DiMarzio has announced its new Vintage P90 Soapbar (DP280S), Dog Ear (DP280D), and Full-size Humbucker cover (DP286) pickups.

DiMarzio says: ‘P90 pickups are a different breed. DiMarzio’s Vintage P90 is a recreation of the late 50s Gibson single-coil with all of the midrange grittiness that makes a P90 pickup special.

‘DiMarzio’s Vintage P90 starts with our calibrated dual Alnico 5 sandcast magnets and is wound on a specially-made vintage winding machine custom-designed by DiMarzio. This machine was used to create the correct winding profile and frequency response, and the winding process is unique. We use vintage tape, braided single-conductor hookup cable, and un-dipped coils.

‘This design gives the Vintage P90 its sparkly mids and the growl of a vintage 50s Les Paul. Chords have a nice harmonic bloom, and single notes are glassy with up-front silkiness’.

The P90s come in three styles: Soapbar, Dog Ear, or mounted into a full-size humbucker cover. No UK prices were quoted but in the USA suggested list price for the Vintage P90 Soapbar and Vintage P90 Dog Ear is $129.99 (MAP $89.99) each, and the Vintage P90 with Full-size Humbucker cover is $149.99 (MAP $114.99).


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