Arturia announces new Vintage-Modelling pre-amp and filters bundle

Arturia announces new Vintage-Modelling pre-amp and filters bundle

French modelling expert Arturia has launched an new range of plugins based on historic pre-amps, and three iconic analogue filters.

Billed as ‘Three Preamps you’ll actually use’ the 1973-Pre is described a modern take on Rupert Neve’s classic solid-state pre, complete with switchable boutique transformers. The TridA-Pre is based around the sound made famous by Trident Studio’s A Range consoles, while the V76-Pre is  modelled on the classic Telefunken tube tone at the heart of the ‘White Album’ sound, integrating a rare shelf EQ for extra control.

From launch until July 31st 2018, UK distributor Source says, both bundles will be available for an introductory offer price, RRP £189 as opposed to a standard RRP of £285  (inc VAT) with boxed copies due in early April.

The ‘Three Filters you’ll actually use’ will have an introductory prince of RRP £95 instead of £189 and comprise the  SEM-Filter: ‘perfectly recreated from one of the earliest self-contained analog synths. We updated this state-variable filter with a simple but effective sequencer.’ The Mini-Filter: ‘we cracked the code of Dr Moog’s renowned ladder filter, and let you control it with a whole new generation of tools’ and the M12-Filter: ‘modelled on Tom Oberheim’s formidable multi-mode filter found on the Matrix-12, the plugin also features twin filters, mod osc and random generators, hugely customizable mod matrix, and programmable envelopes’.