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HTD offers acoustic guitar protector packs

The often overlooked need to keep acoustic guitars at the correct temperature and humidity gets a helping hand this week from guitar care specialist Music Nomad, which has launched a new retail pack – the Humidity Care System. The packs contain Music Nomad’s The Humitar and The HumiReader, a humidity and temperature monitor.
According to UK distributor, High Tech Distribution, the Humitar safely releases moisture evenly to eliminate potential problems such as warping, shrinking and cracking: ‘The Innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge holds a lot more water than similar products. This means less monitoring on your end while resting assured your fine guitar is cared for,’ HTD says.
The HumiReader fits in an acoustic guitar’s soundhole, where a sensor monitors the environment every 20 seconds and shows humidity and temperature readings on its LCD display. It also reveals the maximum and minimum range over the period the user is measuring and can be reset at any time.
If preferred, users can measure inside the case near the headstock or fretboard/fingerboard. The HumiReader comes with a case holster that has a strong adhesive backing. to stick to the case.


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