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Drummers Choice – The new home for everything about drums

Gold Media and Events, organiser of the sellout event, The UK Drum Show and publisher of Music Instrument News, is launching Drummers Choice, a new high quality, online, digital review and news website for drummers.

‘Traditional print media is no longer cost effective for advertisers trying to reach specific groups of musicians – especially drummers,’ says Publisher, Neil Golding. ‘The economics of print and traditional distribution methods makes advertising prohibitively expensive in niche markets while, from the reader’s point of view, paying for a traditional magazine when there is so much available online for free makes no sense – which is why so few drummers buy print magazines. Compounding the attractions of online publishing, if you speak with UK retailers, many will tell you that a useful percentage of their current business is international sales due to the current weak pound. So why limit your audience by focusing just on the UK, when international sales can contribute significantly to your businesses?

‘What there isn’t presently, is a really high-quality alternative online and that is what Drummers Choice will offer. With significant investment from Gold Media. Drummers Choice will be produced in a quality digital format, easily accessible, easily shareable and made using professional studios, engineers and producers working to the highest standards of audio and video. And, importantly, it will be presented by a knowledgeable host who knows what he is talking about!’

Drummers Choice will be a professional operation, setting the bench mark in quality audio and video reviews and is designed to help manufacturers share their own content as well as use the publication’s. Many drum and percussion brands are already producing high quality video material which we will be happy to run on Drummers Choice. Likewise, we will offer our equally well produced material, including professional quality reviews, to manufacturers for them to use in their promotions.

Drummers Choice can easily tap into local and global audiences with fantastic and informative content for continued consumer engagement, with impartiality, professionalism and credible critique.

Gold Media and Events continues its commitment to and partnership with Mike Dolbear and Following recent investment to update the present site and forum Gold Media will continue to champion all that Mike Dolbear offers to the wider drumming community with its unique content and desire for motivating the art of drumming.

Drummers Choice will go live a few weeks ahead of The UK Drum Show and we are now actively seeking new products for review (for which, of course, there is no charge).

For reviews, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Gold Media and Events +44 (0) 1271 861 571.

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