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Barnes and Mullins

Fishman adds three new Fluence models

Fishman’s Fluence pickup range has gained three new signature models, from Will Adler (Lamb Of God), Killswitch Engage and Tosin Abasi.

The Will Adler 6 String Modern Humbucker Set (£469 UK rrp) features a ceramic bridge and Alnico neck or mid-position humbuckers, that combines passive classic tones with the attack and dynamics of a modern active pickup all in one unit, says distributor JHS.

Killswitch Engage Adam Dutkiewicz

The Killswitch Engage 6 String Modern Humbucker Set (£429 UK rrp), features: ‘…tighter bass for more note definition and screaming midrange and harmonics in the voice 1 setting. Switch to voice two and you get a unique vintage/medium output hybrid passive tone that is equally good for clean, crunch or searing leads’.

Finally, founder member of the instrumental progressive metal band Animals As Leaders, Tosin Abasi also has new Signature 6-String (£429 UK rrp) 7-String (£449 UK rrp) and 8-String (£469 UK rrp) humbucker sets.


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