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DigiTech’s FreqOut’s Out

DigiTech’s latest pedal is the just arrived FreqOut, an artificial feedback generator.

The FreqOut uses pitch detection technology to automatically identify the harmonic content of single notes and chords, then enables those certain frequencies to feed back in a musical way. Players can customise their feedback tones by setting the feedback harmonic, onset speed and level.

‘Roaring feedback from an amp can add intensity and musicality to a live performance when used correctly,’ said Tom Cram, Marketing Manager, Digitech, Harman Professional Solutions. ‘FreqOut gives guitarists and bassists a way to create and utilise feedback in an incredibly musical way. Whether creating atmospheric washes of sound or adding infinite sustain to scorching lead sections, FreqOut lets players transform the raw intensity of feedback into a secret musical weapon.’

FreqOut’s controls include the MOMENTARY switch which sets the operation of the footswitch. When set to ON, feedback will only be enabled as long as the footswitch is held down. When set to OFF, feedback will toggle between enabled and bypassed modes each time the footswitch is pressed. The TYPE knob lets players select which of seven harmonic types they want to feedback (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, Nat Low, Nat Hi and Sub). A row of Feedback LEDs light from the centre out to show when the feedback signal is increasing. The DRY switch turns the dry (unaffected) guitar signal on or off when the effect is enabled, while the GAIN knob controls the amount of feedback signal that gets mixed with the dry signal. And the ONSET knob controls the time it takes for the feedback to begin after a note is played.

FreqOut features a 1/4” instrument input/output and 9VDC power supply for seamless integration with pedal boards of any size. Rugged metal construction ensures that the pedal will stand up to the most rigorous live performances. True bypass electronics keep the signal path pure while the pedal is disengaged.

The RRP is £149.


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