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Barnes and Mullins

MSC has new beta beater

Music Shipping has announced the UK launch of the Muff Kopf; a larger, fleece version of the company’s bass drum beater muffle which gives an even greater degree of muting and more low end bass timbre, MSC says. The Muff Kopf is fitted over as pedal’s beater in exactly the same way as the smaller version, with a small quick release toggle for ease of changing during a performance. These can also be left on the bass drum beater permanently for acoustic or low volume performances.

MSC says that it has been surprised at the amount of interest in the new beater from drummers of all styles and has already taken a second delivery for the UK since launching the MK01 model a few weeks ago. It adds that Muff Kopf is picking up a lot of interest from top line drummers, with Craig Blundell and Jost Nickel already including them in their set-ups.

The UK SRP is £36.50


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