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Ernie Ball’s Cradle to crave

Ernie Ball has introduced CradleTune, billed as ‘a workbench in your gigbag’.

CradleTune utilises a tuner and tripod to provide an integrated, portable base for quick and easy set-ups, maintenance, or string changes. The tuner attaches to the tripod, acting as the fixture, which holds the guitar at the headstock. The tripod pivots for multiple angles of setup to accommodate different instrument types and sizes including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles and more. The tuner can also be quickly detached from the tripod for use as a clip-on practice tuner. The tripod folds up for a compact, durable design, the maker says, that easily fits into a gig bag or instrument case. The unit is powered by an included 3V lithium battery.

Also new from Ernie Ball is an all in one guitarists’ toolkit. Designed to help guitarists change strings, set intonation, adjust an action, check string height and more, the toolkit includes a Microfibre polishing cloth, Wonder Wipes, Heavy Duty String Cutter, Peg Winder, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Ruler, and durable Hex Wrench Set.


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