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Tanglewood to unveil top-end Sundance Performance Pro Series

Tanglewood is about to launch its new flagship range – The Sundance Performance Pro Series, designed by Swedish luthier Michael Sanden.

The new series will comprise six handcrafted models made from solid, premium reserve timbers, Tanglewood says. They will also feature Custom Masterdesign parallel and fan tapered bracing patterns. The range will begin with the heritage inspired Dreadnought X15 at £699, two Superfolk cutaway models at £799 in the X45AVE and X45E, finishing with the all solid Mahogany X47E.

All electro models will feature Fishman Presys Plus electronic systems.

Significantly, the two top models in the range, the X70TE and X15SDTE, will benefit from the inclusion of torrefied tops, a process that has previously only been used by a handful of major international brands and some custom and specialist makers.

Using a the new kiln drying ‘torrefaction’ technique, Tanglewood claims a new guitar will have ‘unique sound characteristics that replicate a well loved vintage instrument that has been played in for over 30 years!’

‘The wood is heat-treated in an oxygen-free kiln, making it highly resonant and extremely stable, it’s as if the wood is pre-aged.’ Says designer Michael Sanden, ‘It looks and sounds like wood that’s been broken in for many years.’ Sundance Performance Pro models with torrefied tops will start at £899.

The official launch takes place on 24th February.


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