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Ernie Ball adds to strap line

Ernie Ball has debuted its Ernie Ball Comfort Collection Series, including neoprene and leather models. The company says the new straps add a higher level of comfort, great for redistributing instrument weight and particularly suited for those with existing ailments, aches or chronic pain. The Neoprene strap material is offered in a 2.5” width and is ‘ultra-durable, flexible, and cushiony allowing for several hours of playing time without discomfort’. The Chestnut and Black leather straps feature “Fur Sherpa” synthetic fur lining which helps it conform to the shoulder area also allowing for added comfort.

All the leather straps are imported from Futura Leathers in Vicenza, Italy and come in adjustable lengths from 38” – 61”(Fur Sherpa leather) and 46”- 54”(Neoprene).


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