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PRS announces Sonzera ‘popular priced’ amp range

PRS Guitars is launching a new ‘Sonzera’ series of valve/tube guitar amplifiers, consisting of the Sonzera 50 Watt Combo, Sonzera 50 Watt Head, and Sonzera 20 Watt Combo, saying they are ‘Destined to be a go-to choice for pros and amateurs, each model features a clean and lead channel with independent controls for maximum versatility’.

PRS says ‘A big, full, 3D clean channel combined with a rich 3-spring reverb produces an abundance of shimmering, ‘chimey’ tones, while the Sonzera’s lead channel carries a punch from edgy overdrive, to a stacked onslaught of full-on soaring lead tone. Both channels are maximised for note clarity and definition. The lead channel’s circuit design makes it easy to set up the lead channel to act like a boosted clean channel if so desired. Conversely, the tone controls can also be manipulated to make the channels sound like two completely different amplifiers.

‘The bright switch feature helps deliver familiar high-end snap, while the presence control and independent EQ for each channel allows players to quickly dial in a classic bell-like chime or warmer, muscular tones at bedroom levels, on stage or in the studio’.

The Sonzera sports one JJ ECC835 and three 12AX7 pre-amp valves and two power valves (6L6GC’s for the 20 Watt amp and EL34’s for the 50 Watt amp). The combo versions have 12” Celestion V-style speakers. The Sonzera 50 watt versions have independent reverb controls; 20 Watt amp has a global reverb control. The reverb is designed to enhance notes without clouding them and can be turned on or off via the footswitch. The effects loop (great for adding in time-based effects) was designed as an integral part of the circuit.

‘We designed this series with an enormous amount of tone, functionality, and serviceability,’ says Doug Sewell, PRS Amp Designer. ‘This labour of love has been meticulously tested at every step in product development to ensure that each Sonzera is gig-ready out-of-the-box.”’

Prices for the new range are to be £749 for the Sonzera 20C, £879 for the 50C and £749 for the Sonzera 50 head.


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