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B&M to relaunch Shergold

Shergold, the British guitar brand that scored several notable hits with top users during the 1970s, is being relaunched in style by distributor Barnes & Mullins this month.

Unlike the original Shergolds, with their ultra lightweight bodies and ‘interesting’ fittings, the new models have been reimagined by luthier Patrick Eggle and represent contemporary thinking while sticking to the Shergold theme – in this case based on the Masquerader shape.

B&M purchased purchased the dormant Shergold Guitar company in 2015 and has been working with Eggle since then to reinvent the brand. The launch Masquerader model will feature a solid mahogany body, solid rosewood neck and will come in four colour finishes. It will have a custom designed bridge and come with a range of three US-made Seymour Duncan pickup options.

‘My first proper guitar was a Shergold’, says Brian Cleary, B&M’s joint managing director, ‘so this project has great personal significance. However, I always knew that the re-born Shergold guitars couldn’t be retro re-issues. We had to bring something new and exciting to the guitar party. Although Patrick [Eggle] took inspiration from the original Shergold models, he has worked to design an all-new instrument with some truly excellent features.’

Prices are set to be £765 for the P90 equipped Masquerader SM01SD, £835 for the 2 Single Coil / 1 Humbucker equipped Masquerader SM02SD, and £809 for the three Single coil loaded Masquerader SM03SD. The new Shergolds will begin shipping to UK retailers this month. Info:

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