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Barnes and Mullins

New cabs from Supro

Supro has launched three new extension cabinets to accompany its well reviewed Black Magick, Supreme and Comet amplifiers. All three feature Supro’s trademark 1950s looks, partially open-back construction and custom-made Black Magick speakers.

Surpo has already scored one significant new user as Robert Smith of The Cure has used Black Magick amps with 1×15 1791 extension cabinets throughout the band’s 2016 World Tour to amplify his Schecter Bass VI, which he uses to play the iconic melody riffs from The Cure’s Disintegration album.

The Supro 1790 and 1791 Black Magick Extension Cabinets are designed to be ideal companions for the 1695T Black Magick amplifier. Sized to fit under the 1×12 combo, these partially open-back, vintage-style extension cabinets are loaded with either a Supro BD12 speaker to match the driver in the Black Magick, or with an all-new BD15 speaker for even more bottom-end and stage volume. These custom-made, high-power drivers, designed for the Black Magick amplifier, use ‘a specialty British cone, top-of-the-line suspension and an oversized ceramic magnet’ Supro says. With the 15″ or 12″ extension cabinet connected along with the combo’s 12″ internal speaker, the Supro Black Magick amplifier runs down at 4 ohms, drawing maximum power from its Class A output section.

The 1×12 1700 Supreme Extension Cab, meanwhile, puts the Black Magick’s BD12 speaker into the smallest possible form factor: ‘…transforming the 1600 Supreme or 1610RT Comet into an ultra-compact, all-tube stack capable of handling large-venue stages. Sized to fit perfectly underneath our Classic Series 1×10 amps, this partially open-back, vintage-style cabinet is loaded with a Supro BD12 speaker. This custom-made, high-power driver originally designed for the Black Magick amplifier contains a specialty British cone, top-of-the-line suspension and an oversized ceramic magnet, adding considerable punch and projection to the Supreme and Comet rigs,’ the manufacturer says.


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