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Barnes and Mullins

Radial tempts with 4Play

Radial Engineering has announced the launch of its cheekily titled the 4-Play, a unique direct box designed for artists who employ multiple instruments on stage.

The 4-Play begins with a standard ¼” input for acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle or bass and Radial explains that it can be used with almost any instrument. A mute footswitch silences the switcher when connecting or disconnecting the instrument. The signal is then routed to a selector footswitch that sequentially activates up to four outputs allowing each instrument to have its own dedicated channel on the PA. The user simply mutes the 4-Play, connect the desired instrument and then uses the footswitch to select the output. High visibility LED indicators provide clear visual feedback to let you know which output is active.

The 4-Play features four balanced XLR outputs, each of which is equipped with a ground lift switch. All of the connectors are made from glass-filled nylon for durability and isolation and feature nickel-silver contacts that will not tarnish. Two ‘set & forget’ switches allow the user to increase the range of the selector footswitch to 2, 3 or 4 outputs. There is also a dedicated tuner out that can be assigned to be always on, or function in tandem with the mute switch for quick on-the-fly adjustments.


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