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Barnes and Mullins

New Matt Halpern sticks from Promark

Promark is introducing of a new Matt Halpern signature stick. The stick was developed with the Periphery drummer, ‘To meet the intense demands of his powerful, high energy performances. Halpern is highly sought after as a clinician and educator for his passionate personality and accessibility to fans through social media,’ Promark says.


‘The TXMHW comes in at a standard 16” length and .630” diameter. Although 2B in size this stick apparently plays like a 5B. The short taper and large round tip give this stick a well-balanced, front weighted feel to optimize power and speed while producing full/robust tones from the drums and cymbals’.

“I’ve always loved the weight of a 2B but have never had the perfect balance to execute my style of playing with power, speed and precision. With my stick I now have the weight of a 2B, but with just the right balance and taper with a tip that creates a perfectly robust, well-rounded sound” – Matt Halpern. The RRP is £14.10

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