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New Lollar pickup looks to the ’60s

With pickup fashions firmly rooted in the past, the latest introduction from US pickup maestro Jason Lollar looks likely to prove popular – at least with those who don’t mind some surgery to their guitars.

The Lollar Senn Model One is a humbucker in function but, Lollar says its voice is that of a single-coil pickup. According to Jason Lollar, ‘I love those old guitars I grew up with, but no one’s making a pickup that really captures their tone. I really enjoy the Senn Model One for all musical styles. In fact, it even works great as a lap steel pickup.’

When Jeff Senn Guitars set about to design its unique Model One guitar, which pays homage to the “mail order catalogue” guitars of the ‘60s, Senn turned to pickup guru Jason Lollar to interpret a sonic wish list and turn it into a reality. Senn says, ‘I wanted something that was very, very clear and open but also had unusual sustain and overtones like my vintage Guyatones, Stratotones and Teiscos’.

The Senn Model One pickups utilize alnico 5 magnets and come with nickel, chrome, or gold-plated finishes. Available in a calibrated set, the D. C. Resistance is 7.3K Ohms in the neck position and 8.2K Ohms in the bridge. One-sixteenth inch and 1/8” shims are available for top mounting. Unfortunately. the Senn Model One pickup does not retrofit most routs or mounts. It’s a unique pickup in dimension, wider than a P90 or standard humbucker, and it may require routing to install. The Senn Model One set retails for $420 and the individual pickups are $210 each. The Senn Model One pickups are hand built in Lollar’s Tacoma workshop.


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