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DR’s Veritas goes electric

Following the success of DR’s Veritas acoustic guitar strings, the US brand has applied its Accurate Core Technology (ACT) to produce Quantum Nickel electric guitar strings wound on round cores that last up to a claimed four times longer than ordinary nickel plated strings.

The string sets are available in five gauge sizes – 9-42 (Light), 9-46 (Light/Heavy), 10-46 (Medium), 10-52 (Big & Heavy), 11-50 (Heavy).

DR’s patented Accurate Core Technology (ACT) works with its ‘Quantum Nickel’ wrap wire alloy to produce a string that is ‘more responsive and powerful’ than conventional strings as well and longer lasting, DR says.

Every string pack also includes three bonus ‘XENON power-plain’ strings to complement the higher output of the Veritas wound strings.

The RRP is £10.75 per pack. Info:

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