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Fibonacci rises from Peerless ashes with Martin Taylor models on the way.

New to the UK, Fibonacci guitars is the brainchild of the team formerly behind the British distribution and design input of the Peeerless guitar range .

Explaining the new brand, the company says: ‘Fibonacci Guitars has evolved as a result of a difference in direction taken between Peerless Guitars in Korea, and its marketing and product development team based in the UK. For many years now, the team behind Fibonacci have been instrumental in collaborating with various, artists, designers and luthiers in developing, and delivering to market, many of the recent releases previously manufactured, under license, by Peerless. Notably, releases such as the Martin Taylor Maestro & Virtuoso Signatures, the Retromatic P & B series, and most recently, the Jezebel and Retromatic 131 range.

‘These artist and designer collaborations continue at Fibonacci with all of our designs now independently manufactured and branded under Fibonacci Guitars, or under the artist’s own signature.’

Significantly, Fibonacci says it doesn’t intend to ‘play the numbers game’ and that all final assembly, painting, nitrocellulose lacquering and hand finishing, ‘using genuine quality components’, will take place in the UK prior to dispatch.

‘Our approach gives us flexibility and complete control over the quality of our guitars giving us the utmost confidence that what we are creating is something very special.’

Currently, the Fibonacci range consists of eight models – a combination of solid wood, hand carved and laminated guitars in a variety of sizes, pickup options and finishes.


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