Sunday, May 26, 2019
Shergold Provocateur
Shergold Provocateur
Shergold Provocateur
Shergold Provocateur

Gary Cooper Gary Cooper has been writing about the MI and Pro Audio for both consumer and trade publications… for a very long while. He has written for most UK trade and consumer MI titles at some point or another, is the Editor of Music Instrument News and was the founding Editor of the online publication, Guitar Interactive.

Cooper's Column

Cooper’s Column – It’s not all doom and gloom

Gary Cooper finds something positive happening in the MI industry - and it has his cats very worried... Amid all the doom and gloom about...

Cooper’s Column – Is it time to cash-in the Strat?

Gary Cooper wonders how much longer 'vintage' guitars will still command a premium - and what this could tell us about the MI industry.  The...

Cooper’s Column – It’s too damned quiet out there, Carruthers….

My apologies for such a protracted silence over the past few months. The fact is that after many years in this industry I finally...

Is it time to start showing some of the big brands...

MIN's editor wonders if the tide is turning Amazon's recent 'Prime Day' day wasn't a very edifying spectacle. As far as I could see many...

Gary Cooper considers a Gibson without its CEO

Now that the dust has began to settle from the impact of Gibson hitting the deck, thoughts turn to what comes next. In particular,...

Money For Nothing – how cheap money is helping kill business

Cheap money is killing business? On the face of it, it sounds like a paradox. Low interest rates should be good for business, shouldn't...

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