Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Barnes and Mullins
Barnes and Mullins
Barnes and Mullins
Barnes and Mullins

Gary Cooper Gary Cooper has been writing about the MI and Pro Audio for both consumer and trade publications… for a very long while. He has written for most UK trade and consumer MI titles at some point or another, is the Editor of Music Instrument News and was the founding Editor of the online publication, Guitar Interactive.

Cooper's Column

MIN’s editor casts a wary eye over the year’s events

January Last year came to a chilly end with news that Metal Hammer and Classic Rock has plunged into administration, resulting in the loss of...

Marketing myths – smoke and mirrors in the boardroom?

Not so very long ago business was a lot simpler. A man, usually wearing a brown coat and smoking a pipe, would bring his...

Bad timing – could this be the hidden threat to the...

Three recent conversations about the future of MI retail set me thinking. The first was with Simon Gilson, co-owner of the mighty PMT. Simon...

The MI Press is in a mess – why the state...

Regular readers may feel that I am forever poking and prodding at manufacturers and distributors while ignoring the holes in the press, gaping at...

Dinosaur brands – a lesson from the camera trade

I've said it before, but the camera business has always struck me as a close parallel to ours. Unlike the MI trade, cameras are...

Beware of maps – how geography betrays the big brands

Back around the turn of the century (no this century, not the 20th!) a favourite topic of the, then, MI Industry trade mag was...

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