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Audio Distribution Group

Audio Distribution Group ApS
Nordlandsvej 90,
8240, Risskov

Sales info:
Tel: +45 6574 8228

Regional Sales Info:
Tom Bodfish
Area Sales Director (UK)
Mobile: +44 7545 299 822


Audio Distribution Group ApS was established in November 2015 by three partners (Steve Russell, Bruce Davidson and Peter Bager), drawing on their significant previous experience in many facets of the industry. With a clear vision to serve as a Pan-European distributor of premium pro-audio and MI related product from a single source, ADG represents brands with potential to premium retailers in the UK and Europe.

With a rapidly changing marketplace for both MI and pro-audio products, it’s evident to ADG that manufacturers and retailers require an efficient flow of communication and harmonised distribution conditions across all European territories. Therefore, ADG’s founders believe that their distribution concept makes perfect sense as sales structures, marketing campaigns and other related activities can be streamlined in such a way as to ensure the best possible experience for all parties across the continent.

In March 2016, Audio Distribution Group entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with French based Filling Distribution, teaming up to create an even stronger distribution platform. Filling has long been established as one of Europe’s premium distributors for effects pedals and guitar-related products.

Combining the joint current brand portfolios, market strategies, industry know-how and experience in all key European territories, this alliance opens the door to many new opportunities for both organisations. The aim of this strategy is in line with a combined desire to develop a true Pan-European single-market approach, while at the same time growing and reinforcing important specialist local market expertise.

Based in Denmark, but with staff based across Europe, ADG offers their brands an effective, efficient and reliable route to market. They seek to not only provide additional value to their own distribution model, but also maintain a strong focus on developing strategic partnerships and maximising efficiency, profitability and market share for both their dealers and brand partners.

Distributed Brands

Caroline Guitar Company
Dynaudio Pro
Earth Quaker Devices
Fairfield Circuitry
Huge Audio Berlin
Neunaber Audio Effects USA