Natal Pro Series Hardware

Natal Pro Series Hardware

Natal Drums, part of the Marshall Amplification family, have produced and introduce the Natal Pro-Series Hardware for drummers, with new pedals and stands.


With greater control, via an improved footboard and floating spring system, along with a new steel base plate, now offers players greater stability and amplified precision and speed.

In addition to the Natal’s latest pedal offering, light-weight gained by reduced tube sizes, offer greater portability (for the snare stand this is only in the base section) with large rubber feet for better grip and stability. The new snare stand can now also be set lower, with a new leg span and lower bottom tube.

Finally, a smoother cymbal tilter has been used on the Boom Stand for more precise positioning, allowing greater control.

  • NAT-SNAR-S SSP   £99.00
  • NAT-HHAT-S SSP   £109.00
  • NAT-BOOM-S SSP  £89.00
  • NAT-SPED-P  SSP  £99.00
  • NAT-DPED-P  SSP  £235.00

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