EBS presents the new MultiComp ‘Blue Label’

EBS presents the new MultiComp ‘Blue Label’

EBS has announced the release of their MultiComp Blue Label Compressor.

The major feature added to the new EBS MultiComp Blue Label is a control on the front panel to adjust the threshold level, or Sensitivity. The more you turn up the control, the higher the sensitivity. The benefit of the Sensitivity-control is that you can adjust it to match the output level of your instrument. A center click indicates the factory setting value on former editions to offer a reference point to your old MultiComp.

To handle high-end basses equipped with 18V preamps with very hot output, the new MultiComp Blue Label can operate continuously on up to 18V DC power. This gives the pedal enough headroom to handle even these extreme instruments.

The new version has a reduced footprint by 12% and is lighter to save space and overall weight on your pedalboard. The recessed jacks keep the space needed between pedals to a minimum.

The EBS MultiComp Blue Label is available now.

More details at www.ebssweden.com