Dates announced for 2020 ahead of this years UK Drum Show

Dates announced for 2020 ahead of this years UK Drum Show

Organisers of The UK Drum Show, have announced dates for 2020 ahead of this weekends sell out international event at Manchester Central, with the 26 & 27th of September 2020 being confirmed by Gold Media and Events.

Organiser, Neil Golding says, ‘we are always trying to stay one step ahead of demand.’ ‘Following the 2019 show, we had exhibitors rushing to rebook at 9a.m on the Monday morning directly after the event had concluded, meaning we were dealing with new applications before we had even unloaded the van!’

The UK Drum Show 2019 sold 90% of its exhibition space in 10 days following the conclusion of its 2018 event and even before this year has taken place, Gold Media has confirmed a number of exhibitors have already re-booked for 2020 ahead of The UK Drum Show opening this weekend in Manchester.

‘The success of The UK Drum Show is that the drumming trade has always wanted and supported an event that 100% targets drummers and percussionist,’ Golding states, adding, ‘ we succeed as a community, plain and simple.’ ‘If everyone gets behind a show that serves, provides content throughout the year, not just the weekend it takes place, but acts us a focal point for drummers and percussionist to follow, for them to engage and interact with throughout the months that proceed the event, this show, and with the support of the bass guitar community with our new event in March 2020, it simply works!.’

Golding humbly concludes, ‘the success of the show is not about us as organisers, sure we have to book the venue, provide artists for performances and clinics and prevent everyones ears from bleeding over the weekend, but at the heart of it, it is the trade that ultimately decides the fate of any given event.’ ‘The drum community rally, share content, and commit 100% to make sure they have, what is now with this event, a show for them, an international show that communicates and promotes their individual businesses and products throughout the year on a global level, and as organiser, it illustrates their passion and commitment for this particular sector of the market, which is ultimately why it works and deservedly so!’

Dates for The UK Drum Show 2020 – September 26 & 27th – Manchester Central

Dates for The UK Bass Guitar Show 2020 – March 27 & 28th – Manchester Central

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