GEWA Air Universal case for classic and acoustic guitars

GEWA Air Universal case for classic and acoustic guitars

GEWA, German instrument and accessory manufacturer, have announced the release of the ‘Air’ cases.

A production process is used for these hard shell cases where the outer skin and inner shell are molded independently of each other. In a special process, the space between the outer and inner shell is injected under pressure with 2K foam.

Features: extremely high torsional strength, low weight, excellent insulation properties, outstanding impact protection.

The GEWA Air Universal Guitar Case for classic/acoustic guitars is well-padded, fits to the instrument and has a low weight. It offers maximum protection and comfortable carrying options.
It’s not just the outer shell that is crucial for the safety of the instrument, but also how the instrument is fixed within the case. If the instrument moves too freely, or if it rests solely on the headplate and the strap button, there is a risk of the neck being damaged.
That’s why GEWA has developed the patented floating bearing that fixes the instrument for safe transportation. The guitar is kept in place by eight side cushions and the adjustable bottom strap. – no matter what the shape or size of the instrument, regardless of whether it is a classical or acoustic guitar. By means of the incorporated padding in the bottom and lid, the body is also fixed in place when the case is closed.
With a weight of 3.3 kg, the GEWA Air Guitar Case is proportional to the safety of the instrument being transported. The padlocks and the lockable combination lock ensure optimal handling. The hand-sewn genuine leather handle fits well in the hand and gives a secure feeling. The comfortable backpack straps complement the case‘s high standards of comfort.