Vintage launch V65 Hardtail and Vibrato, ReIssued Series off-set electric guitars

Vintage launch V65 Hardtail and Vibrato, ReIssued Series off-set electric guitars

The new Vintage© V65 ReIssued Series solid body electric guitars, replicate the unending appeal of the offset bodied guitar and will surely please armies of cult followers of this classic, timeless trendsetter.

Vintage V65VVW Vibrato Vintage White

Offered with a floating offset vibrato system V65V, or in hardtail format V65H both 65’s follow a traditional tonewood combo, with a lightweight alder body and bolt-on hard maple neck providing plenty of glassy top end and solid mids.

Vintage V65VBK Vibrato Gloss Black

Couple this with a pair of Wilkinson W90SK P.90 style pickups, and the V65’s effortlessly perform musical genres associated with off-set guitars, think Indie, Punk and Garage or indeed Surf where the extra-long arm of the offset vibrato is all so perfect to combine pre and post chord and lead lines bends whilst strumming.

Vintage V65HBLD Hardtail Blonde

But it’s the single coil clarity with meaty humbucker characteristics of the Wilkinson W90SK pickups that have helped develop the V65 Series ReIssued guitars as another versatile winner from the Vintage catalogue. With a balanced bass response and extended sweet highs, played clean, the V65’s are perfect for crystal clear fingerpicking and warm sweet jazz tones, and with more than enough output to drive crunch and amp distortion channels with an edgy pick attack and classic P.90 singing mids.

Vintage V65HTSB Hardtail Tobacco Sunburst

With a 22 fret lignum rosa fingerboard, Wilkinson WJ55 machine heads and sleek action and lightweight offset alder body, the V65 ReIssued Series guitars are a blend of modern aesthetics and clean designs with a multitude of usable tones, equally at home with low or high wattage-amps and a must for any player considering a no-nonsense alternative to an everlasting classic.

The V65 range are all priced at £329.00 rrp

V65HBLD – Hardtail – Blonde
V65HTSB – Hardtail – Tobacco Sunburst

V65VBK – Vibrato – Gloss Black
V65VVW – Vibrato – Vintage White