Shergold Guitars release 2019 Limited Edition ‘Tango Fandango’ Orange Masquerader

Shergold Guitars release 2019 Limited Edition ‘Tango Fandango’ Orange Masquerader

Shergold Guitars are proud to announce the release of their 2019 Limited Edition SM01-SD Masquerader with ‘Tango Fandango’ Orange finish.

New for summer 2019, the SM01-SD Tango Fandango Masquerader is the second model in the British guitar brand’s one-off limited-edition series, following the release of the SM03-SD Black Sparkle model in 2018. It offers an exciting twist on the award-winning Masquerader electric guitar series and continues their legacy of producing distinctive and unique guitars designed to turn heads.

The solid ‘Tango Fandango’ orange colouring with a high gloss finish is a vibrant and eye-catching option for any players who enjoy making a bold statement, and who want to be seen as well as heard on stage.

This limited-edition colouring also pays homage to previous 1980s-1990s era Masquerader models that featured unique orange and black finishes.

Designed in the UK by renowned British luthier Patrick James Eggle, the SM01-SD Tango Fandango is equipped with a USA-made Seymour Duncan SP90 and TB4 Humbucker pickup configuration for a full-bodied, resonant and addictively powerful tone. It features a solid mahogany body with a black Bakelite scratchplate, solid rosewood neck and fingerboard, inlaid aluminium lined fret markers, staggered locking machineheads and a PJE designed Shergold custom T bridge.

Available in limited, one-off quantities, the Shergold 2019 Limited Edition Tango Fandango SM01-SD Masquerader is available in UK stores now for £765 RRP.

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