Artists discover Orange Amplifications Acoustic Pre Amp

Artists discover Orange Amplifications Acoustic Pre Amp

Since launching in 2017, Orange Amplification’s Acoustic Pre has been adopted by players both live and in the studio. As the world’s first stereo valve acoustic preamp/active DI, it has found its way into the rigs of some surprising players.

 Stevie Wonderhas used Orange Amplifiers to amplify his keyboards live for many years, so it’s no surprise that when he needed something to help with amplifying his Harpejji (a 16 stringed instrument played on the lap) that he turned to the Acoustic Pre with which he has been touring since 2017.

 Pure acoustic guitar tone may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of Clean Bandit, the Grammy Award winning British electronic dance band, but guitarist Jack Patterson has made the Acoustic Pre an essential part of his performing setup:

 With the Acoustic Pre I can turn up for radio sessions knowing I have easy control over my guitars without a ton of gear. It’s a really versatile tool in the Clean Bandit studio”

 With a summer of festival appearance ahead of the band both at home and abroad you can be sure the Acoustic Pre will be appearing.

Dr Martin Taylor MBE

 Of course, more traditional players have also adopted the Acoustic Pre; Dr Martin Taylor MBE has been using the Pre since the prototype stage, commenting that ‘this preamp inspires me to create music” and fans of the highly respected jazz guitarist can catch him on tour now and into the autumn, with performances at Glasgow Jazz Festival and a Japanese tour in October. Watch Martin talking about the Acoustic Pre here.

 Academy award winner Hans Zimmer’s music is celebrated with the World of Hans Zimmer autumn tour, where multi-instrumentalist El Amir will be using his Acoustic Pre as ‘It makes my flamenco guitar sound huge!!’ . Check out his video here.

 Engineered for both stage and studio use, and with its unique combination of valve and solid state channels, the Acoustic Pre is proving a useful and essential tool for players in many genres on stages big and small.