Jamie Cullum links with Music For All for high-tech ‘play in my band’ event

Jamie Cullum links with Music For All for high-tech 'play in my band' event

Music For All, the fast growing UK music charity, is holding a pioneering event with musician Jamie Cullum in which six amateur musicians from the UK will perform as his personal band for one day, on the 25th June. The event has drawn major sponsorship from high-tech communications companies and will be employing ground-breaking 5G technology in advance of the launch of the first 5G mobile services in the UK.

The chosen musicians will rehearse with Cullum then play live with him, performing music from his new album, but while the star will be performing at a major Central London venue, his band will be in Bristol and Birmingham, remotely connected via 5G. Reports suggest that the latency on 5G is so minimal that there is no discernable lag, making a remote live performance possible.

Music For All ran a competition culminating on 25th May seeking YouTube submissions to find a bass player, keyboard player, a guitarist and two singers, who will form the band.

The event is led by Music for All, supported by King’s College London, EE, Yamaha, the City of London Corporation, the University of Bristol and We The Curious, with technology companies including BT, Ericsson and the controversial Chinese telecoms giant, Huawei.

Info: www.musicforall.org.uk