New double guitar bags from Fusion


UK instrument bag maker Fusion has introduced a new Double Electric and Acoustic gig bag, designed specifically for the musician travelling with both an electric and acoustic guitar.

The Urban Double Electric and Acoustic Guitar gig bag has a 20mm, high density, padded foam shell, soft velvet-mix inner linings, and Fusion’s own ‘Internal Suspension System’ with adjustable neck and headstock support which allows both headstocks to ‘float’ to avoid damage from external impacts. There’s also internal reinforcement and an outer rubberised base for vulnerable areas like the end-pins of both instruments.

With opposite zigzag ‘openings,’ both guitar compartments have a removable padded collar, which can be moulded around the guitar’s body, ensuring minimal movement of each instrument. This collar can custom fit to a variety of guitar body shapes and sizes or removed for even larger guitars whilst still offering supreme protection.

Rip-stop, water resistant, non-PVC backed material and a heavy-duty rubberised base and headstock with reinforcement areas, take care of everything on the outside, whilst reflective panels and ‘Fusion’ livery help keep things visible after daylight hours.

Fusion says the Urban Double Electric and Acoustic Guitar double bag is robust and lightweight and can be carried long distances back pack style, with fully adjustable comfortable padded shoulder straps, which in turn, have their own rear storage compartment or, via the sturdy, soft rubber handle. Pouch pockets front and rear also allow the bag to be carried upright, hassle free, for example, along the central isle of a train, bus or plane.

For more space, additional accessory bags from the ‘Fuse On’ series can be attached to the base and headstock area or the mid-section of the bag.

RRP: £196.96