Carl Martin releases Purple Moon

Carl Martin releases Purple Moon

Boutique pedal maker Carl Martin has announced the launch of its Purple Moon, a handsome anodised ‘two note’ pedal which fuses two functions into one to maximise pedal board room.

Described as a vibe with fuzz, the maker says: ‘Think back to Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies, Robin Trower’s  Bridge of Sighs, or almost anything by David Gilmour, and then open your creative mind to the Purple Moon!’

The Purple Moon is said to be the only True Bypass, all analogue Vibe with Fuzz. Like the rest of the pedals in the Vintage Series, it features a die-cast case with its own colour, mini knobs for ease of use, high quality switching, and bright visible LEDs. No UK price was quoted but a US MAP is $169.90