D’Addario reed users win 2018 Concours De Genève International music competition

Caption: From Left to Right: Vitor Fernandes, 24, Portugal; Kevin Pedro Spagnolo, 22, Italy; Carlos Ferreira, 24, Portugal

On Wednesday November 14, 2018, Kevin Pedro Spagnolo, Vitor Fernandes, and Carlos Ferreira were all placed in the top three at the Concours de Genève International Music Competition for Clarinet Performance.

All three winners play Reserve Classic reeds. ‘The consistency of D’Addario Reeds is unparalleled,’ says D’Addario Artist Vitor Fernandes. ‘Since I started to play with D’Addario reeds, I immediately felt a sense of freedom that allowed me to focus on the music itself without worrying about the material performance. This level of consistency is essential for every musician that aims for a performance of excellence.’

Kevin Spagnolo and Vitor Fernandes study under D’Addario artist and professor Romain Guyot at the Haute École de Musique (HEM) in Geneva, Switzerland. Carlos Ferreira studied under Nuno Pinto, another key D’Addario artist and professor at Escola Superior De Música E Artes Do Espetáculo (ESMAE) in Porto, Portugal.

Info: www.daddario.com