Ashdown raising money for Meters growth

Ashdown raising money for Meters growth

Ashdown Engineering’s Mark Gooday is seeking to raise money via crowd funding to expand the Meters range of headphones.

Meters Music has announced an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise £250,000 for 5% equity in the brand (pre-money valuation £4,750,000.00.) Mark Gooday, Managing Director of Meters Music (and Ashdown Engineering) says: ‘The money raised will help establish growth and allow us to offer more exciting new products. It is also important to us that we give our loyal customers the opportunity to own a share of our success and we have some awesome rewards for all investors.’

James Young, Founder or Aston Mics supports the crowd funding exercise, saying: ‘Since the brand launched on the back of Mark’s early concepts, it has gained the loyal support of many of the big acts on Ashdown’s extensive artist roster… and we’re now bringing the headphone products to many of the 500+ top flight International producers, engineers and artists we work with ourselves.

‘For me, it’s proving to be not only a great investment, but something hugely interesting which I’m very proud to be a part of.’