Yamaha updates flagship MONTAGE

Yamaha updates flagship MONTAGE

Yamaha has been busily updating its flagship MONTAGE synthesiser since its introduction and the latest update integrates DAW control and MOTIF performances.

The new MONTAGE operating system version 2.5 now adds DAW control functionality as an entirely new feature requested by many users, Yamaha says. Likewise, users often asked for the inclusion of MOTIF series performances – which are included with the new MONTAGE OS 2.5. Completing the update’s scope are improvements to waveform import and parameter assignment.

With operating system version 2.5 it is now possible to operate the most important controls in Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Ableton Live and Avid Pro Tools directly from the synthesiser. ‘Transport controls like play/stop, record, rewind and fast-forward can be managed with the sequencer buttons. Faders and knobs control level and pan for the respective tracks. Even adjusting virtual instruments and plug ins is possible. The button matrix on the instrument’s right-hand side provides track selection, solo and mute functionality. Through the versatile assignment of MIDI controller numbers, the control scheme can be tailored to pretty much every situation. MOTIF series player performances’.

Yamaha adds that since the introduction of MONTAGE, users have asked for the typical player performances from the MOTIF series to be integrated into the new flagship synthesiser. With the new update, all 512 performances from the MOTIF XF are now available as MONTAGE presets. They were also configured for ‘Super Knob’ operation to perfectly integrate them with the new environment.

Updating to MONTAGE operating system version 2.5 also simplifies loading a player’s own sample sounds. When samples are loaded directly from a USB storage device, MONTAGE now offers flexible configuration options. This significantly facilitates the import and subsequent use of the samples. For example, mapping waveforms to specific keys can be done directly when loading the waveforms. Importing own sample sounds thus becomes quicker and easier.

The update to version 2.0 already made it easier to assign parameters to the Super Knob by introducing so-called Quick-Links. Version 2.5 now expands this functionality to all individually usable Assignable Knobs. Assigning a parameter to a knob requires no more than the push of a button.

The update to Yamaha’s MONTAGE operating system version 2.5 is available immediately from the Yamaha website: https://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/music_production/synthesizers/montage/downloads.html#product-tabs

Info: https://www.yamahasynth.com/ and uk.yamaha.com