Fuzzrocious Cat King is just purrfect!

Fuzzrocious Cat King is just purrfect!

HTD, currently riding high since its acquisition of Warwick’s UK distribution, has added yet another pedal to its growing Fuzzrocious line. The newcomer is the Cat King a ‘king sized’ version of the Fuzzrocious Cat Tail, a low to high gain distortion with overdrive capabilities. This circuit is based on ‘a well-loved, classic distortion that make a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp disgusting’, HTD says.

Fuzzrocious have tweaked the original circuit to better meet the needs of guitarists and bassists alike. With the addition of a diode toggle for extra tweakability for clipping options, they have added to the modifications the Beavis double resistor mod (Clipping 1 and 2 pots) to allow the user to subtly fine tune how the signal clips on the highs and lows’.

The UK price will be £269.99

Info: www.htd-uk.com