New Kinsman piano benches and wall hangers from JHS

New Kinsman piano benches and wall hangers from JHS

Kinsman has launched a new series of piano benches priced from RRP £56.99 and available in a variety of finishes, including White, Black and Rosewood. Distributor JHS says they: ‘…exhibit solid, heavyweight construction to guarantee years of dependable use’.

Each bench in the range features padded seats, with adjustable height and storage available in the Deluxe model priced at RRP £119 The Double Piano Bench (£209) is equipped with independent height control for each of its deluxe padded seats, as well as featuring a pair of hinged compartments for the storage of sheet music and accessories.

Also new are Kinsman Wall Hangers designed for musical instrument retailers looking for a safe, simple and practical display method for their instruments, JHS says.

The range is now made up of eleven different models, includes long and short metal and wood finish slatwall autolock hangers, and various screw fit wood block hangers equipped with safety padded cradles and autolock features.

All Kinsman screw fit hangers are also suitable for home and studio use, are presented in attractive display packaging and are priced from RRP £9.99