Adam Hall’s Cameo ZENIT W600 and LD CURV 500 TS now available

Adam Hall's Cameo ZENIT W600 and LD CURV 500 TS now available

Following their official launch at the NAMM Show in January, the Adam Hall Group has announced immediate availability of the new ZENIT W600 LED washlight from Cameo Light and the CURV 500 TS touring array from LD Systems.

More likely to be of interest to MI retailers than the Cameo washlight, LD Systems’ CURV 500 TS is the latest addition to the CURV 500 series and extends the array system’s range of application to include situations requiring particularly high sound pressure levels and a wide and long-range dispersion. Equipped with four array satellites – two duplex satellites with twin-speaker configuration and two single satellites – the CURV 500 TS has a narrower vertical dispersion in order to project a suitably punchy and dynamic sound, even to the rear of the audience.

In conjunction with the powerful yet lightweight 15″ bass reflex class D subwoofer with DSP control, the CURV 500 TS is said to be: ‘a flexible PA solution for extended professional live sound reinforcement at high volumes with great dynamic range and coherent dispersion. The CURV 500 TS set includes a Gravity rod attachment and a 2.2 m speaker cable’.

The ZENIT W600, meanwhile, adds a flexible LED washlight to the Cameo ZENIT range. The high-power IP65-rated washlight for outdoor use features high-resolution 16-bit technology and is equipped with 40x 15W RGBW CREE RGBW LEDs which deliver a brightness of 21,000 lumens for consistent and powerful colour blends. The ZENIT W600 D is a pure white light variant with a colour temperature of 5,600 K and a significantly increased light output of 41,000 lumens. The ZENIT W600 D will be launched at Prolight + Sound 2018 and will be available in summer, 2018.