Laney heads back to the future with new amp for NAMM


Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Laney Amplification is reviving a design from 1968 as one of its star exhibits at this year’s NAMM show.

The new Laney – LA30BL

Flying under Laney’s ‘Black Country Customs workshop’ banner, the new amp is the LA30BL- being billed as the baby brother of the LA100BL.

Lyndon Laney says: ‘Sometime in 1968 we experimented with a few different designs using the LA100BL idea. We had already been selling both 200-Watt and 60-Watt versions and these were used for vocal, bass and organ as well as lead guitar. I felt that there was demand for a smaller version and one 30-Watt prototype we made sounded great – sweet and warm. However, it was a different time with little or no volume restrictions at venues and generally very limited public-address systems. Also at that time keeping production on course was proving very difficult – I was wiring amps on my kitchen table at night after work to catch up! So, events overtook us and the 30- watt never got started. There was only one prototype ever built but this was lost in a burglary at our premises in the mid 70’s.

‘All these years later James and I are stood at the NAMM show for our 50th looking at the LA100BL, and I recalled fond memories of this special 30-Watt.

‘I suppose as the product never made it into official production the ‘baby brother’ is more of a ‘bastard son’!!!! But it was a real passion project, so we recreated it and I am proud to say this lovely amp, that has been waiting in the wings for 50 years, is now here’.

The LA30BL features the same pre-amplifier circuit as the LA100BL with a twin EL34 Class AB output stage running at 30 Watts. It is partnered with a matching slant-front ‘LA212’, offered with a pair of offset Celestion G12M-25 Greenback drivers.

UK/ROI prices are LA30BL – £879 €999. LA212 – £619 €699


Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash