Alpine’s new PartyPlug Pro Naturals now available

Alpine's new PartyPlug Pro Naturals now available

With the Christmas and New Year gig lists looming, Active Music has introduced new Alpine ear plugs – the PartyPlug Pro Naturals.

“If you’ve tried earplugs before to protect your hearing and didn’t like the musical experience, then the Partyplug Pro Natural are for you.”

Active says they feature exclusive linear AlpineAcousticFilters: ‘…which means the music is attenuated equally at all frequencies, so it’s like you’ve just turned the volume down. The acoustic filters will also stop you feeling isolated and conversations remain audible’.

PartyPlug Pro Naturals can be worn all day and night thanks to the soft and flexible AlpineThermoShape material, which contains no silicones and as a result they won’t irritate and can be easily cleaned using the Alpine cleaning spray provided. Active adds that Alpine Hearing Protection is the only brand with CE certification across its entire range.