Champion launches new brass valve oil.

Champion launches new brass valve oil.

UK brass and woodwind brand Champion has launched Valve Oil. Developed and manufactured in the UK by exclusive owners Barnes & Mullins, Champion Valve Oil is said to be an essential addition to any brass player’s accessory kit. Designed specifically to lubricate the valves of trumpets and other brass instruments: ‘It ensures they remain in an optimal condition for longer and perform at their best every time’.
The unique formula is completely odourless and has been developed to be long-lasting, leave no residue and perform well in all weather conditions, says B&M. Featuring a thin nozzle dispenser for precise application, it is equally suitable and easy for use on both large and small instruments, resulting in faster and smoother valves.
The new valve oil is compliant with all European Safety Standard regulations and is therefore available for international customers to order. Every bottle features a child safety cap and lists precautionary and medical safety advice on its label.
Champion Valve Oil is available now from Barnes & Mullins in 50ml bottles and is also offered in master cartons of 12. RRP £5.50.