Sound Forge announces Audio Studio 12

Sound Forge announces Audio Studio 12

MAGIX has launched a new update to Sound Forge Audio Studio, taking it to Version 12. The new edition offers 64-bit architecture, updated and redesigned recording window, and an Open and Append command – an easy and fast way to assemble tracks for a CD.
Other features include:
Non-destructive editing modes
Slice Edit: Enables the user to continue to tweak as edit even after it has been cut.
Soft Cut: Creates automatic, user-adjustable crossfades with each edit: ‘…to guarantee smooth transitions between cuts with no pops or clicks’.
Spectral cleaning 
Perform frequency-based noise removal. ‘Visually identify frequencies of an offending noise such as a chair squeak or cough in your recording, then use the spectral cleaning tool to select and remove the frequencies that make up those sounds.’
Vinyl recording and restoration workflow 
’The new workflow makes it easy to record vinyl LPs and tapes, remove crackle, pops, and hiss and burn to an audio CD or burn a set of audio files to a data CD or DVD in popular formats such as MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, or AAC’.
Visualization window 
’Presents several ways to analyse and track audio output including Peak meters, Phase Oscilloscope, Correlation meter, Direction meter, Spectroscope, Spectrogram, Bit meter, Oscilloscope, and Tuner’.
The new version also includes Ozone Elements 7 from iZotope, repair and restoration tools, an Elastic Audio Editor which offers precise control over pitch and support for popular video formats.

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