Pearl shines with new products at NAMM ‘17

Pearl shines with new products at NAMM ‘17

Highlights of the vast array of new products from Pearl

Masterworks Sonic Select:
Drawing from two years of research and artist testing, Pearl has launched its Sonic-Select Shell Recipes: five distinct, studio-tested drum formulas, each fine-tuned for their given performance application. ‘The Masterworks spectrum has a nearly-endless array of custom options,’ says Glen Caruba, Pearl Corporation’s VP of Sales. ‘Filtering all that choice down to specific shell, edge, and hardware fusions is kind of like making a cake; different ingredients make different flavors that will appeal to different connoisseurs.’
The Studio Recipe features a thin Maple/Gumwood combination with Mastercast hoops; crafted to fully capture every nuance of the drummer’s performance with tonal clarity.
The Heritage Recipe recalls a classic age in drum-making by balancing the power of Maple with the warmth of Mahogany for enhanced lows and fat top-end slap.
The Urban Recipe features a unique thin-shell combination of Birch, Gumwood, and Maple to sculpt a vibrant, powerful voice for the metropolitan drummer.
The Stadium Recipe brings the classic elements of Pearl’s thick Custom Z Maple shell into the modern playing field, focusing on volume and power for the touring stage.
The Modern Dry Recipe represents new ground with a Maple/Gumwood/Mahogany shell blend for quick, top-heavy articulation with controlled low-end for today’s multifaceted beat creator.

Eric Singer and Omar Hakim 30th Anniversary limited edition snares:
In tribute to 30 years of drumming together on stages all over the world, Pearl and KISS drummer Eric Singer have collaborated to create a new Limited Edition Signature drum with a nod to one of the great snares of Pearl’s past.
‘I collect classic and vintage Pearl drums,’ Singer says. ‘I love the sound and feel of the original Jupiter Chrome-over-Brass models from the 70’s, and really wanted to explore that sound with an updated feel.’ The result is Eric’s new 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Signature Snare, which has a dual-beaded Jupiter-style 1mm Chrome-plated Brass shell. In contrast to the Jupiter’s original parallel action strainer, Eric’s Limited Signature update features Pearl’s compact Click-Lock throw-off for smooth, sensitive response. Each drum is signed by Eric and assures tuning accuracy with Pearl’s low-contact CL Bridge Lugs. All artist royalties from the sale of Eric’s 30th Anniversary Limited Snare will benefit school music and arts programs at the Lifeline Education Charter School in Compton, CA.
With over 500 albums to his recording credit, Omar Hakim is as sought after as ever and his new 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Signature Snare celebrates his career so far:
‘Part of the magic of the recording environment is knowing what elements to bring to the table to craft something great. This new snare represents a similar approach: combining familiar elements together for a totally fresh result,’ Hakim says.

A radical departure from his existing Mahogany-blend Signature drum, the new 30th Anniversary snare begins with a beaded 1mm 14”x6.5” Steel shell. A process called Physical Vapor Deposition adds a unique layer of Titanium Nitride to the exterior; transforming the shell material to a harder surface and giving it a shifting, irridescent purple hue.
Omar’s Limited Signature snare also features Pearl’s compact Click-Lock throw-off for smooth, sensitive response and single STL Swivel Lugs (all with special Nickel plating,) to assure tuning accuracy. The total result is said to deliver an exceptionally bright snare without sacrificing depth and body.
Modern Utility snare drums:
‘Fusing reliability and flexibility for today’s demanding gigging environment’, Pearl has developed Modern Utility: a line of no-nonsense, well-appointed snare drums priced with the active working player in mind. Modern Utility’s five snare models each feature a 6-ply/5mm all Maple SST shell. Well-appointed with Pearl’s CL Bridge Lug and smooth SR700 strainer, each Modern Utility snare is priced to allow the active working player an expanded voice, is flexible enough to add to any set-up, and strong enough to stand up to constant play, the company claims.
Featuring a choice of Matte Natural or Matte Black lacquer finishes, the Modern Utility line-up is available in 12”x7”, 13”x5”, 14”x5.5”, 14”x6.5” and 14”x8”.
3D Tree cajon:
Pearl Percussion has announced a new 3D Cajon. CNC cut designs adorn the sides of Pearl’s 3D cajons and the newest model features a stylized green tree. The cajon has shortened snare wires and their position is raised to create a larger bass strike zone so the reach to the sweet spot is not so far. To punch up the snare response, clear lacquer has been applied to the inside front faceplate, resulting in a crisp snare attack that contrasts with the low end rumble of the 3D cajon.
Cajon Lift:
This cajon riser is an easy solution to more comfort while playing the cajon as well as providing optimal ergonomics, Pearl says. The Cajon Riser is a collapsible base, which allows traditional box cajons to be lifted 1.5” or 3.5” off the ground. In addition, the Cajon Riser allows for the player to angle the front of the cajon to improve ergonomics by creating a friendlier and more natural striking position at the top on the cajon. The Cajon Riser collapses into four separate pieces, which can be easily stored and transported in the included carrying bag.


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