Ernie Ball launches ‘unbreakable’ Paradigm strings

Ernie Ball launches 'unbreakable' Paradigm strings

Ernie Ball has announced a new range of guitar strings, Paradigm, with exceptional durability. And it not only claims it, it is issuing a 90 day guarantee to back that claim!

Available for pre-order from 1st March, Paradigm strings, which are available in all the most popular Ernie Ball gauges for both acoustic and electric guitars, have been the subject of extensive testing and the manufacturer has produced two videos showing just how tough they are. The videos show Kenny Wayne Shepherd and John Petrucci doing their best to destroy sets of Paradigms.

Says Shepherd, ‘These are definitely the best-sounding and most durable strings I have ever played.’ Adds Petrucci, ‘These new Paradigm strings somehow withstood the most severe and cruel punishment I could muster up without actually breaking the guitar itself! They are crazy strong!!’

‘Creating the technology behind Paradigm required our engineers to dig deeper than ever before to investigate and improve every facet of what goes into making a string,’ says Ernie Ball President Brian Ball. ‘Paradigm technology represents a new level of strength and longevity while continuing to deliver the tone that only Ernie Ball is known for. They also feature a combination of our proprietary Everlast nanotreatment coupled with a breakthrough plasma process that further enhances the corrosion resistance like never before. More than five decades after my grandfather pioneered the electric guitar string, we’re proud to continue with the same passion, commitment and dedication to innovation with Paradigm.