Saturday, November 17, 2018



Positive Grid Announces New Online Software Reseller Portal

Positive Grid, makers of the BIAS range of guitar hardware and software, has introduced a new online portal for authorised resellers. Created to make...

EarthQuaker debuts Black Ash ‘endangered’ fuzz

US pedal specialist EarthQuaker has a new limited edition fuzz out today - the Black Ash. Audio Distribution Group, which distributes the brand in the...

Two new limited edition SE acoustics from PRS

Having made a significant impact in 2018 with the launch of its SE Angelus and Tonare acoustic models, PRS further turns up the heat...

Aguilar Tone Hammer 700 bass amplifier hits the UK

Aguilar Amplification's UK distributor, Barnes & Mullins, has announced that Aguilar's brand new US-made Tone Hammer 700 bass amplifier is available. The Tone Hammer 700...


J.G Windows – the past has a future

Talking Heads - MIN interviews leading figures from the MI industry to find out what’s on their minds. MIN's editor, Gary Cooper, speaks with Rupert...

Reverb – is this chance independent retailers have been waiting for?

MIN's editor, Gary Cooper, speaks with Kevin Drost, Chief Strategy Officer of - the online sales portal that could finally give UK music...


NAMM unveils development events for 2019 show

NAMM has announced its education programme for the 2019 show (24th/27th January) fully demonstrating the show's recent metamorphosis into the world's premier performance entertainment...

NAMM offers signs of hope with CITES

Details have emerged from the latest CITES meeting held in Sochi, Russia, of a possible lifting of the ban on wood from the dalbergia...


Nomad showing uke care

MusicNomad has a new three piece 'Professional Grade Ukulele Care Kit containing one each of their most popular items to care for ukuleles. The Ukulele...

Handmade straps from Furch

Furch's new handmade guitar straps combine exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and an ingenious design that allows evenly distributing the weight of the instrument without...
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Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash