Wednesday, October 17, 2018



Carl Martin introduces Atlantic Chorus

Posing the very reasonable question: 'Well, does the world really need another Chorus pedal?' Danish pedal guru Carl Martin insists that it does -...

New sE mics are Dynamite

sE Electronics is launching two new products - the DM1 DYNAMITE, a slim, high-performance inline prepamp that provides a consistent +28dB of gain for...

Major launch from Moog

Described as 'one of their most important launches in 35 years' and 'the ultimate Moog synthesiser' the US synth pioneer has announced the launch...

Arturia back in black

French audio hardware and software creators Arturia is reissuing its "Black Edition" versions of the company's award-winning range of MIDI and CV sequencing controllers. Arturia's...


J.G Windows – the past has a future

Talking Heads - MIN interviews leading figures from the MI industry to find out what’s on their minds. MIN's editor, Gary Cooper, speaks with Rupert...

Reverb – is this chance independent retailers have been waiting for?

MIN's editor, Gary Cooper, speaks with Kevin Drost, Chief Strategy Officer of - the online sales portal that could finally give UK music...


NAMM offers signs of hope with CITES

Details have emerged from the latest CITES meeting held in Sochi, Russia, of a possible lifting of the ban on wood from the dalbergia...

Star-Studded concerts raise $60,000 for NAMM’s Museum of Making Music

NAMM's Museum of Making Music (MoMM) has just announced its recent benefit shows: A Concert for a Cause, featuring Herb Alpert and Lani Hall...


DiMarzio offers Richie Kotzen Strat replacement pickguard

DiMarzio has introduced a Richie Kotzen Strat Replacement Pickguard. Although was primarily known for playing Telecaster in the band Poison, Fender Japan released two signature...

RockBoard Plugs on

RockBoard is responding to user requests for different MIDI plug orientations, the company says, and has released the RockBoard FlaX Plug MIDI Cables. Based...
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Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash
Ernie Ball - Slash